«Systems and Technologies» Consortium integrates intellectual, financial, industrial and highly skilled personnel resources that will critically influence the advance of manufacturing productivity, development, design and manufacturing of high technology industrial products.

Consortium partners are the leaders with world-class level competence in advanced science-driven computer technologies, high performance computer systems and manufacturing technologies.

Consortium is established for the implementation of large-scale system and technological innovations based on Russian advanced scientific developments and advanced world-class level developments in order to enhance the efficiency of national industry and to advance the management systems of municipal and federal public education.

Consortium partners use the efficient methodology «Foresight» as the basic instrument of feasibility study for scientific-technical, technological and innovational strategy, for forecasting and «impact on the future» evaluation as well.

Strategic goals:

- Industrial reengineering by the development of competitive and high technology corporate industrial structures in
  high-priority industry sectors;
- Development of innovative activities and industrial implementation of advanced world-class level technologies and equipment;
- Implementation of advanced methods and systems for national enterprises management on the base of
  contemporary information technologies, implementation of quality management systems corresponding to international standards;
- Diversification of national machine-building enterprises;
- Personnel training and retraining, involving highly skilled personnel with world-class level competence into
  machine-building enterprises operations;
- Development of national system for machine-building industry products certification and standardization,
  development of certification system for personnel with world-class competence level;
- Dynamic development of national machine-building industry export potential.


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