Noncommercial partnership (NP) «SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES» — voluntary association of partner organizations and citizens of Russian Federation interested in acceleration of innovative development of Russian Federation economy.

Initiators of NP «SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES» development are looking for cooperation with scientific technical organizations, business structures, government administrations.


Development of government-private partnership in marketing advanced Russian technology products and services.


- Creation and development of permanent site for the cooperation of innovation process partners, organization
  of presentation sessions, exhibitions and fairs, conferences and round tables, information exchange;
- Commercialization of research and development in the framework of Federal purpose-oriented programs;
- Organization of efficient cooperation of science, business and government for the optimization, development and
  renovation of public sector scientific research, design, engineering and experimental developments;
- Organizing educational programs and seminars on NP business lines;
- Assisting developers in searching for strategic partners and customers for projects and technologies;
- Providing transparency for the process of cooperation during innovative projects implementation. Closing the interests
  and articulating the subject matter and commercial profit of cooperation with NP, unifying the developer (scientist-
  inventor), manager (NP) and investor (business structures, state-owned corporations), whose efficiency is based on
  and achieved by the confidence, competence and credibility;
- Conducting regular PR-campaigns on NP activities while specific projects implementation;
- Providing project developers with informational, consulting, engineering and marketing services, with legal and
  organizational support while implementing projects with NP participation;
- Development of new forms and models of government-private partnership, including cooperation with state-owned
- Implementation of practices for the creation and development of selection, evaluation and formulation procedures
  for innovative projects in technological economic sectors, engineering, information technologies (IT).


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